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        Dr. John Cannell on vitamin D


     Vitamin D Benefits and Sources Natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercoladiscusses the sources and many health benefits of Vitamin ...


Gabriele Stähler on Vitamin D3, with Bill Ryan : a Project Camelot interview

Bill Ryan from Project Camelot interviews Gabriele Stähler about Vitamin D3. This video contains the basics you need to know about how Vitamin D3 ...

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff (Part 1 of 7) Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff ...

by mercola | 2 months ago | 41,401 views

For videos of the presentations at the recent Vitamin D Experts forum at the Wellcome Foundation and the BMA, London

and other UK events see the link below to the Vitamin D Association:

GrassrootsHealth videos:

2011 Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy & breastfeeding - effectiveness and safety. Dr Bruce Hollis
2011 Vitamin D: A D-lightful story for good health. Dr Mike Holick
2011 Vitamin D & Cancer -- current trials and evidence. Carole Baggerly
2011 Sunlight Robbery - the failure of UK policy on Vitamin D. Oliver Gillie PhD
2010 Vitamin D: Interactions of Vitamin D and Calcium - Robert P. Heaney, M.D.
2010 Vitamin D: Pregnancy and Lactation - Carol L. Wagner, M.D., Ph.D.
2010 Vitamin D: UV The Original Source - How to Use It - Edward D. Gorham, Ph.D.
2009 Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases - Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D.
2009 Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True? Carole Baggerly and Cedric F. Garland Dr. P.H.
2009 Vitamin D and Cancer - Prevention - Cedric F. Garland Dr. P.H.
2009 Possible 75% cancer mortality reduction with Vitamin D - Cedric F. Garland Dr. P.H.
2009 Skin Cancer/Sunscreen - the Dilemma - Edward D. Gorham, Ph.D.
2009 Vitamin D and Diabetes-Can We Prevent it? Frank C. Garland, Ph.D.
2009 What's a Vitamin D Deficiency? - Robert P. Heaney, M.D.
2009 Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention - David C Sane, M.D.
2009 Vitamin D: Nutrient, Not A Drug - Robert P. Heaney, M.D.